Prolucid I/O

At Prolucid we help companies solve complex engineering and development challenges. On this site we’ve collected some of the technologies we use, have developed, or contributed towards. We plan to follow up with news, insights and commentary from the developers.


Most of the Cloud code we write is in F#, and while we’re not affiliated with Microsoft we’re collectively and individually members of the F# Foundation. We think the language features and productivity make a fantastic combination and we hope you’ll find our contributions useful.

Our contributors

Eugene Tolmachev

et1975 Eugene has been programming professionally for over 20 years and unprofessionally even longer. With a lot of help from others he runs F#unctional Toronto meetup.

Justin Sacks

2sComplement Justin has been working at Prolucid since 2013 and has worked on everything from user interfaces for Smart Grid applications, to building an embedded and distributed communication framework, to implementing full-stack cloud and IoT systems.

Scott Shingler

ScottShingler Scott joined Prolucid in 2015 and has worked on a variety of projects ranging from agriculture to medical devices. He noticed that as his use of F# increased, his use of f-words decreased proportionally.